The Two Animals at Home Within

A little kitten sits in the corner curled in the blanket. Be careful friend, this timid creature is anxious and the world around can overwhelm it. While it loves to play, the scruffy ball of fur gets overexcited and may soon realize it’s in over it’s head. If it squeaks or shakes, don’t be scared. A saucer of milk, a scratch behind the ear and a kind word will do just fine. If you should find this cuddly creature to afraid to move then a hug is all it needs. With ruffled fur, gentle paws, and dirty face it squeaks and purrs. Although reluctant, it needs to be near people, at home in their warm company. Curiosity get’s the little animal into much trouble…so don’t be surprised at it’s anxiety…after all who knew it would be so hard to get back down from the tree.

But if you seek to take advantage…be warned

Speak softly and slowly if you encounter the stray young kitten. Not for the kitten’s sake but for your own for the tiny animal is not alone and you dare not wake the beast.

Quit unlike the kitten, the beast is not afraid. It’s eyes burn with hunger.  Mangy and matted fur tell the tale of life’s unrelenting road, scars of a hundred unsuccessful foes mark it’s hide. It feels every wound but it does not matter, the beast will not be stopped. If you see the broken teeth do not be fooled, you don’t know what it knows…the broken tooth bites hardest.

It is neither good nor evil…it is wild. If you befriend it, there is no fiercer protector. If you threaten it, there is no enemy more savage. What the beast feels, it feels deeply and fully. Anger warms its blood, mercy warms it’s heart. You cannot tame it, you cannot break it. It’s nature is peaceful, gentle, and kind, but it is equally fierce, vicious, relentless, and unyielding.

If you hear it snarl and see it’s teeth barred, you may judge it harsh and unkind. Perhaps you are right, but then you’ve missed the point. The beast protects the nervous kitten from the world, while the kitten protects the world from the beast.

So speak softly because for there are two animals at home within. Take care not threaten the kitten least you wake the beast.

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