Inspirational History Byte: Palestine Orchestra

I find history fascinating and even more inspirational. Inspirational History Bytes are snippets of history I find inspiring and may not have a lot to say about but just wanted to drop here so they can be shared. These won’t be full stories just snippets.

During the Nazi regime Jewish musicians were forced out of orchestras and other positions they held.

Bronishaw Huberman had the idea to found the Palestine Orchestra as a way of bringing disenfranchised but highly talented Jewish musicians out of Germany and back to their homeland. Through much opposition Guberman was finally able to assemble the Orchestra, which would deliver rousing performances in the Palestine region.

Many of these musicians bee very accomplished before losing their positions and lively hood. After unemployment, humiliation, and the long journey to a strange new land, it may have been hard to believe they would find fresh life. They never dreamed they be playing under the hand of world renowned conductor Arturo Toscanini, who would make them the sensation of the Jewish nation in a time when hope was fleeting.

Cellist Thelma Yellin pictures it best ” Under his conducting (Toscanini) problem spots simply disappear. The music rises and falls, sings and laughs, thrills our hearts and brings us to tears. We play as never before. It sounds as if we – the Palestine Orchestra – have been playing together for years, not weeks. The eyes of those of us who hold music dearest of all are wet with tears. We finally arrived at our destination: we have become an instrument in the hands of the greatest artist of our time”

If you haven’t heard of the Palestine Orchestra it may because today they are better recognized as the world famous Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra.

But thats not all. By sticking to his dream Huberman saved the lives of an estimated 1000 jewish muscians and family members.

So never give up!

What about you? Does this history bit inspire you, share a bit below, I’d love to hear from you!

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